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That's a pic of the rumored "Vengeance" map pack poster for Call of Duty: Black Ops II which leaked today. If the poster is to be believed, the map pack will feature 4 brand new Multiplayer Maps, Cove, Rush, Detour, and Uplink. The zombies map is called Buried, and it lists a new "Bonus Zombies" gun, the Ray Gun MK II. Whether this means the weapon is some kind of bonus for zombies mode, the wonder weapon of Buried, or an actual Wonder Weapon for Multiplayer is unknown.

Previous leaks claimed that the Map Pack would come out on July 2nd.

Additionally, Vonderhaar posted a picture of someone editing what appears to be the reveal trailer for DLC 3's final cut. Considering he did this for Uprising, and the reveal trailer was released the following day, it is possible we will be seeing the Vengeance reveal trailer tomorrow, if not later this week.

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