Sledgehammer's Michael Condrey recently did an interview where he spoke a bit about Sledgehammers future with the Call of Duty franchise and the future of the franchise itself. Sledgehammer Games are, of course, the developers behind the most recent release in the franchise, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and just released the first big DLC package for the game, Havoc.

Condrey was first asked if Sledgehammer was working on a Call of Duty Remastered Collection for Next-Gen consoles, something fans have started to become very vocal about wanting on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. He responded quickly, saying:

"There are tons of games that I’ve played in my career that I would love to play again, remastered and next-generation experience right, from God of War to Ratchet & Clank, so I get the appeal and I, you know, my heart is closest to Call of Duty and I love going back and playing CoD 4 and Modern [Warfare] 2, and so I can tell you we’re not working on any remastered edition at Sledgehammer. I think there’s opportunity for Call of Duty, but that said I don’t know if anybody is working on it, we’re not working on it."

So while it doesn't seem like Sledgehammer is working on a remastered collection, it's not an impossibility, just don't get your hopes up. The interviewer followed up the question by asking what Sledgehammers future with the franchise was. Condrey was quick to explain that they were hard at work on DLC for Advanced Warfare, but did offer up some details on Call of Duty 2017. He said:

"We’re coming out of Advanced Warfare very proud of what that game is and what it means to fans, but we’re also listening closely to what fans want and ideas about how to continue that going forward, so yeah, everything is on the table. The team is focused on the DLC, but we’ve talked about new ways to play, whether that’s branching story-lines or third person mode or crazy changes to the multiplayer, we have the luxury of already being in pre-production of our next game so all ideas are good ideas at this point."

So it seems Sledgehammer is interested in continuing to push the boundaries of what makes a Call of Duty game a Call of Duty game as they already lovingly have in Advanced Warfare. Finally, Condrey was asked if he believed that a Call of Duty title would ever have a strong female lead character, to which he responded:

"Absolutely. After speaking with military advisors, strong female characters, strong female military presences are gonna be in the future, and we’re seeing it today, so absolutely, you would expect to see that one day in Call of Duty."

So it seems that Condrey, and likely Sledgehammer itself, are very excited about the possibility of a female protagonist for Call of Duty. We've already seen strong female characters in games such as Karma and Ilona so maybe a female protagonist isn't that crazy of an idea.

Source: Dual Shockers

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