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*Blog originally written by Todster9*

Though not exactly "new" news, on the dates of September 18th, 21st, and 23rd, new videos were uploaded to the Call of Duty youtube page. Uploaded were a total of four videos, each depicting a vintage television screen displaying a picture but with static interference. All of these videos were uploaded to the official Call of Duty: Black Ops Facebook page , with a different message on each post, and some videos even had different names on their facebpook posts. Each video has a different audio track and details of each video are listed below, along with the facebook quotes.

  1. Power, Power, Power! or "power_on_v1.wav" as indicated by facebook (0:44) - A sound similar to a machine turning on and warming up. Then a sound similar to a teleporter followed by ominous noises. " 'Power, power, power, power! It’s always the first priority.' – Edward Richtofen"
  2. Attack or "attack_03.wav" as indicated by facebook (0:04) - A screech or scream, most likely a zombie attacking."When you hear it... it may already be too late."
  3. Death (0:11) - An electric boom followed by what almost sounds like a creeking sound. This is accompanied by the sound of electricity moving at high velocity past you, and then a zap. "Danger: high voltage."
  4. WaltZ (0:25) - A song reminiscent of a 1950's "Doo-wop" song interrputed by static, zombie screeching, and what sounds like the source of the sound being turned off. " When you waltz with the dead, you’d better keep up."
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