This is a blog dedicated to thanking you guys, all of you, for my time on the wiki. I've been here for 9 months now, and let me tell you, it's been an experience. This was the first online community where I truly felt accepted, and enjoy my time here. With the year ending, i'm here saying thank you, to all of you.

Special Recognitions

User:DarkMetroid567 Those fun ass times on IRC man

User:Diegox223 Same as above, plus Walking Dead and Red vs. Blue

User:Redskin-26 So much stuff, dating all the way back to that first argument, but now I love ya man

User:Callofduty4 Just chill and awesome, and knows i'm the Real Slim Shady of course

User:The Wikia Contributor Makes me laugh every time I come on IRC, also nuked me. The nuking wasn't as great as the laughing.

User:N7 Nice guy, make jokes a couple times on IRC with him and helps out when asked

User:Phillycj Another nice guy, love talking to him on IRC

User:1337 SPNKR Your so friendly and dedicated to the wiki, you just radiate a positive vibe

User:Thumps4DaZomb I've never once seen you be un-frinedly or un-helpful, and that's a great quality in my eyes

User:Callofdutyeditor2011 Your always encouraging me to keep going, thank you!

User:MLGisNot4Me Always helping out, and I mean always

User:Drkdragonz66 Had a couple fun chats on IRC with you

User:Carbonite 0 Great guy to chat with in Chat/IRC

User:Xd1358 Hilarious, honestly just hilarious

User:Hiptechboy An interesting character you are

User:Conqueror of all Zombies Loves zombies, and I used to have a couple blog chats with you when I first started out, so you kind of set the friendly vibe for the rest of my time here, I thank you for that.

User:The capoe123 Me and you, we work together on those Zombie pages

User:Jefftheboist You gave me a free copy of MW1 on Steam, how could I not love you.

User:Doc.Richtofen Always offering help and advice, and you keep a level head when others would seem to lose their mind.

User:FireBird- I don't know you much, but you congratulated me on my 1000th edit, which was a special time for me, and your always nice on those rare occasions when I join chat

User:AwesomeSauce360 Your a nice guy, we don't see eye-to-eye a lot, but it doesn't stop me from liking you

User:Chiafriend12 We have rarely ever interacted or talked, but when we have, it's always been pleasant

User:YellowRiolu Your a great guy to talk to on IRC

User:Cpl.Bohater Poorest Pierogi, you still gonna call me a nub for saying it? Lol, no, your a chill guy and I like ya.

User:Dr. Frohman We never talked until like last week, but after what happened, you made me realize something, and I thank you for that, and for not hating me after it happened.

User:Raven's wing I am never going to figure out whether you like me or not, and I accept that, but your a nice guy, I can tell.

User:FluttershyOakley I really wanted to say something creative, but lets be honest, theres nothing left to be said. Everyone has already said how nice you are. I will say this though, part of the reason I stayed on the wiki was because of how nice you are in chat. We don't talk anymore, but just remember that.

User:Shotrocket6 You've always been nice, even if in my early days I was a bit of a dick

User:Smuff You make me laugh on IRC a lot, but we never talk, which is weird lol

User:JSolars I really just have to mention you because i'm so amazed that, no matter how little I enter chat, your always there with a friendly "Damac sir *opens door*"

User:Jar teh marksman You were there during my little (massive) argument with Redskin, and we used to talk during my early days. I'm so sorry you weren't on the list when I first put it up, I could have sworn you were!

Everyone mentioned above, you have affected me in the most positive of ways. I thank you all for the kindness you've showed me, it's made me extremely happy over these past nine months. It's because of your kindness i've stayed, and keep coming back. If you weren't mentioned, i'm sure we just haven't interacted enough, I wouldn't leave out anyone just to hurt them.


  • All of the Chat guys - You guys are... interesting every time I join. You provide some solid, awesome entertainment. I love lurking the chat.
  • The IRCers - That's where I spend most of my time, you guys no me the best out of everyone on wiki and vice-versa
  • The Admin's, Chat Mods, Crats - You guys are amazing and do an awesome job, you really no how to handle the wiki, and I thank you for keeping it a friendly place

Thank You

Sorry if you guys find this sappy, I thought you all deserved a thank you though!

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