After hearing numerous stories and rumors of the AK47 in zombies mode, i did some investigating for myself.


I performed all the necessary steps to enable console command to be bound to keys on the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. After that was done I bound the command "give ak47_zm" to the J key on my computer. I started a game on Five, and managed to obtain the AK, exactly as it had been talked about. It had low damage and no sounds associated with it.

However this wasn't the end, recently I had been hearing about the "Red Mist" and obtainable pack a punched version of the AK. The rumor was you couldn't pack a punch the AK yourself, you had to do so through console commands. I immediatley tested this. I changed the command from "ak47_zm" to "ak47_upgraded_zm". I started the game on five, and pressed the key. No luck I was not given the red mist.

I wasn't out of hope though, as the AK and its pack a punched version supposedly appeared in Ascension. I started a game on Ascension, and not only did the Red mist not appear, but the AK itself failed to appear.

I think the Red Mist is a hoax, along with all the "PC Code Weapons" on the Ascension page. Their is one final hope though.

When I use the give all command, i am met with a strange result. Sammantha begins to laugh, and i am cycled through weapons as my points drain. Eventually all my points dissappear and i am left with the M1911, the Holy Pistol, and the Default Weapon. If I can somehow make this work, i may be able to obtain the red mist.

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