Alright so this isn't a news blog, or community blog, or anything like that. But last year a friend of mine with small connections in the gaming industry told me BOII would be set in the future before any hints about the game had been dropped, and turned out to be right (also I lost 20 bucks too him). I've spoken too him again recently, and he didn't have as much info this time around. The extent of what he told me was that the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be set in the farther future than BOII was, and that it is going to be available for both generations of consoles. I asked him if he knew whether or not Ghost was, in fact, returning and he told me he didn't actually know.

A couple weeks ago when we were discussing the same topic, he said "All I can tell you is the new zombies is gonna be ill." At the time he seemed to be referring to CoD 10, but I think it's more likely he was talking about Mob of the Dead. I only mention this cause it seemed fairly odd that he would mention it when we were clearly talking about the next CoD game, and not the next map pack.

Anyway, if I get any more info within the next couple days I'll let you know. The reveal isn't that far away though, most likely, so we shouldn't have to wait long either way.

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