*Final Update: Well my friend was right! Who would've seen that coming? I owe him 20 dollars though.... *NEWER UPDATE: Leaked info on a supposed "Call of Duty: Eclipse" seems to have put a halt to this teory even further, considering my friend said he was under the impression the game would be Black Ops 2. However, it also seems like there may still be a chance for Future Warfare, so I'll keep the blog updated.*

*UPDATE: A recent News Break seems to have blown this prediction right out of the water. I'm gonna leave this up here until actual trailers get released and we find out the real truth, then i'll update whether this blog is correct or incorrect.*

*This article has no source other than word of mouth. I can't provide any proof confirming or denying anything you read here. And, to be honest, I don't fully believe it myself.*

Remember those special headsets released for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? Well, they have designers. And those designers get access to information on the upcoming Call of Duty game long before the general public does so that the headphones can be designed to appear similiar to the themes found in the game.

As it happens, I have a friend who's Dad is in charge of designing the headsets. My friend has gotten a lot of perks from this, Such as recieving Call of Duty games weeks ahead of the general release date, getting Call of Duty: ELITE Premium for free, and finding out some information about the game much earlier than other people. In the past his track record has been on and off. Sometimes he hits things like Plot points, Game settings, weapons right on the money and other times he's completely wrong.

Anyway, while talking with him and another friend today, we got on the subject of Call of Duty 9, Treyarchs rumored Black Ops 2 which should be coming in 2012. Me and another friend were joking about things we predicted about the game, when my friend said "You know, I do know some things about the game".

Of course, curious, I asked him what he knew. All he said was, "It's set in a future war."

Me and my other friend immediatley said "It's Black Ops 2, it's set during the Cold War."

"Yeah it's Black Ops 2, but its set in the Future. My Dad works for these guys, he knows what they are making" was his response "You guys don't have to believe me, but Treyarch is making it and its going to be set in the future."

To be honest, half of me believes him while the other half does not. He's much more reliable then some random guy who claims to know everythign about the next CoD, but at the same time, he is just a kid. Who knows? Maybe his Dad is feeding him false information.

Most signs have been pointing to a Black Ops 2 getting released this year. Could it be set in the future? Robot Reznov, say what?

Also, just so everyone knows, I asked him about whether or not the game would have Zombies, he said "Probably, It's Treyarch, why wouldn't they."

New Info 4/23/1012: My friend and I have a bet over this, I'm calling it's a Cold War game while he thinks it's Future Warfare. He didn't tell me much today, just that the some parts of the Campaign would be set in New York and Paris, and you blow up the Eiffel Tower in one mission. It sounds suspiciously like MW3, leading me to assume more bullshit.

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