It's that time of year again where millions of people are eagerly awaiting the next Call of Duty release. Leaks and Rumors have already spread, but nothing is confirmed and everyone has been left just wondering where the series could possibly go next. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 seemed to end the Modern Warfare series, World War II has been done for a while, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II gave us tastes of both the cold war and the future. So where should Call of Duty go next? What should the next game be? I'll present you with a list of scenarios that I think would be pretty cool, and why they may or may not work.

World War I

World War I would be a cool setting because it could be much more of a historic period piece then we are used to with Call of Duty. World War I was a very brutal and emotionally draining war that could provide a great story to fight through. It could even introduce air combat with fighter planes. But there's one massive problem. In terms of gameplay, it'd be incredibly boring.

Now, don't twist my words. I'm not saying World War I was in any way "boring". But as a First Person Shooter, especially part of a franchise known for fast-paced action, it would be incredibly boring. It'd be slow paced, have a small selection of weapons, most campaign missions would all be the same due to Trench Warfare. The only real fun campaign missions you could do would have to be ones set in an American Campaign when Trench Warfare began to get phased out.

Multiplayer would suffer greatly. Create-A-Class would be boiled down to only a couple basic weapons, with almost no useful equipment. If the maps wanted to represent WWI in anyway, they would be rather boring and repetitive in design.

So overall, a WWI game is like a 5/10. There could be cool historical elements, it just wouldn't be that fun of a game.

A Real Vietnam Game

The Vietnam war was visited in Call of Duty: Black Ops, but only for about 5 out of the 15 missions. Those missions are fun and well done though, and they prove that a Vietnam set CoD could also be fun and well done.

The only problem is Vietnam isn't really a highlight for America. WWII is an incredible high point for America, and both Black Ops II and the MW series feature Americans in heroic roles. But in Vietnam, we weren't really being all that heroic. But the biggest thing, and the main reason they would likely never make a game based around it, is that America did not win the Vietnam War. It's not even really a "America, Fuck Yeah" reason for why this wouldn't be portrayed. If the game ended with the player losing the war, most players would leave the game with a sense of failure rather than success.

So overall, a strictly Vietnam game would be an 8/10 for me. It'd be fun, but it would leave you feeling empty and with a rather depressing storyline. Not always bad, but not exactly what I think CoD is about.

A Real Modern War

I've heard this suggestion a lot, and I can see where people are coming from. The Modern Warfare series is awesome, and the World War II games depicted a real war, so why can't we have a Real Modern War game? Like the Iraq War or Afghanistan. We would have solid story and gameplay, so the two biggest concerns are out the window, whats the problem?

Mostly just a sensitivity issue. Wars like Iraq and Afghanistan are very recent, or on-going in Afghanistans case. Most people have been deeply affected by them, and a game depicting true events might be coming just a bit too early. So there's no real problem with the game, it's just a matter of respect.

As a game, it would likely be a 10/10 for me, as it would be exactly what CoD is about. The sensitivity issue is going to prevent the creation of one for at least a few more years though.

Far Future

Black Ops II led us to the future for the first time, being set in 2025. But being only 12 years away, it wasn't a totally "futuristic" game. It had futuristic elements of course, but it wasn't what you think of when you think of the term "future". It was more Modern-Future, if you know what I mean.

Not too say the game was bad because of this. I fucking loved it. I loved the new setting, weapons, equipment, everything. I just don't think it's a true futuristic game.

I feel that if IW/3Arc was able to take a distant future setting and pull it off in CoD style, it would be a fairly awesome game. I've never been one to care about the setting, as long as the game feels like CoD I'll be happy. A far-future story opens a world of possibilities, and the weapons and technology could be incredibly creative and fun.

10/10 would buy.

Space Combat

This kind of branches off Far-Future, so I'll keep it short. I've heard a lot of people say that if CoD ever went too Sci-Fi, such as Spaceships, Laser Guns, Jetpacks, Aliens, etc. They would stop playing because it had jumped the shark.

I don't have this concern. The developers could throw whatever random shit they wanted into the game, as long as the end result felt like it was a part of the Call of Duty franchise.

The best example I can think of is Bioshock Infinite compared to Bioshock. The two games have completely different settings, weapons, mechanics, story, almost everything. But Infinite still feels like a Bioshock game when you play. You don't think "I'm playing Infinite" you think "I'm playing Bioshock".

As with Far-Future, if they could make it feel like CoD I would buy it. 10/10.


Zombies (mode) is the incredibly popular bonus mode that has been featured in every Treyarch game since Call of Duty: World at War. Addicting, fun, creative, and able to be played with friends, almost all players agree that Zombie mode is one of the highlights of the CoD series, even if they don't particularly like any of the three games it appears in.

With the release of the upcoming Mob of the Dead, Zombies will be reaching it's 15th Zombie Map, with at least two more to come later this year. That is essentially as long as a Call of Duty campaign.

Players have been suggesting that Treyarch make a zombies specific game for years now, and I think they could really pull it off. String all the maps, as well as several new ones, together too make a campaign. Include a clear story, with cutscenes and characters and actual objectives. Include survival mode on specific maps for those just looking for a survival game. Maybe even include a Multiplayer where the only weapons you get are Wonder Weapons and the only perks are perk-a-colas.

The only problem I see is this really wouldn't be Call of Duty anymore, it would be Call of Duty: Zombies. Outside of the possible multiplayer element, the game would likely feel nothing like a standard CoD game.

9.5/10 would buy of course, cause Zombies.

Revolutionary War

Specifically the American One. I just want to point this out to people. I think the American Revolution is an awesome war for a video game to explore, just not a FPS game. Assassins Creed was a great medium for a video game to explore the revolution, but a CoD game? No. All the problems of a WWI game would be amplified 10x here. I'm keeping this a bit short because of that, but it simply wouldn't be that fun of a game.

4/10 Would rent for Shit's and Giggles.

Modern Warfare Prequel

I'm including this cause N7 would murder me otherwise, but I do think a Modern Warfare prequel would be pretty cool. The story is established, the characters as well. We would know what kind of fun we would get out of the gameplay and what kind of setting we could expect, and the return of fan favorite characters like Ghost, Gaz, Griggs, Soap and Team Metal would likely be largely appreciated by many players.

Another short entry, but just cause there aren't that many prevalent cons, and mostly just pros. 8.5/10

Emu Warfare

The great Emu War of 1932. The emus lost 5000+, and Australia lost it's dignity. The Emu's still won. This would be a perfect CoD game.

100/10 Would Rob IW/3Arc headquarters for.

Thanks for reading!

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