So before I get started, I'm gonna let you all know that this is my favorite zombie map, so I am gonna be a little biased. I'm writing this review because I just want to clear up my reasons. So here we go, my review of Call of the Dead!


Call of the Dead Menu Picture

CotD Loading Screen

Call of the Dead, at release, was a pretty unique zombie map. On first play, your bound to get frustrated. The map has several paths to different locations, but this means several different paths to you. It also lacks traps and has an incredibly tough boss zombie, George A. Romero. George has high. health, and thus can not be killed if he traps you in a corner or against a wall, which is likely to frustrate new players. A final deterrent is the maps size. The map is gigantic, hosting a lighthouse, two halves of a boat, and several beachfronts along the way. This means perks are spread out, especially Juggernog, which is located as far away from the starting room as the map allows. However if you can look past all this, and get a good team while your at it, Call of the Dead is an incredibly fun map. You'll discover that the multiple paths can be used to your advantage, circling a train of zombies behind you or bypassing them altogether. The map doesn't really lack traps, the flinger can be used as one. George is tough, but if you and your team can deal with him, his death can be very rewarding. The map size does take some getting used to, and you may find yourself on the complete opposite side of the map from your downed teammate. but the multiple routes normally allow you to cut down on these transition times, and if you can get used to the size, you can truly marvel at it. The new features are also to be appreciated. The moving Pack-A-Punch, while tedious, adds a requirement for teams to change up their tactics. The New Wonder weapons as well, the Scavenger and the V-R11, also change up player tactics, and the new trap, the flinger, does the same. The inclusion of seven perks, as well as the new Deadshot Daiquiri, is also a wise, but interesting, decision
Call of the Dead Online Loading Screen

Loading Screen

. Overall the map takes some getting used too, but afterwards can provide non-stop zombie entertainment as you are continually forced to change up your strategy.

In Depth Look: V-R11 and Scavenger

The new Wonder Weapons were one of the exciting parts of this maps build up. When trailers were first released showing that you would be able to turn zombies back in to humans and blow up crowds from afar, excitement built up. But in the ned was it worth it?

The V-R11 , the main Wonder Weapon of this map. Its special ability is that it can turn Zombies into humans. The newly humanized zombies then begin to scream in fear and runaway, attracting a horde of zombies to follow them, similarly to monkey bombs. While this may sound good, several problems begin to arise. First, only a couple zombies follow the human, this is because the human tends to outrun the zombies, leaving them to follow you. Second, the human isn't around long. It runs for the nearest water source and then freezes to death, having no respect for its newfound health. The third problem is the limited ammo, you only get about 21 shots, and considering the fact that only one zombie is affected by the V-R11 at a time, means you'll run out of ammo fast. When all these affects are stacked up, it shows the V-R11 is nothing more than an overhyped and weaker wonder weapon than its sister weapon, the scavenger.


The Scavenger is the lesser hyped up of the two Wonder Weapons. The "Black Sheep" of the wonder weapon family, the scavenger proves itself more useful. It is a bolt action sniper rifle that fires explosive bullets. But these aren't just any explosive, no they can take zombies out with one hit, all 24 at once! The scavenger is also a great support weapon allowing you to cover your buddies from afar, or even yourself, granted you have PhD Flopper. The Scavenger is also the best weapon to fight George with. It lowers his health drastically with every hit, and every explosion will kill all the zombies around him. The Weapon has some downsides, its power against George makes you feel like every shot you don't use on him is a waste and it being a sniper rifle can make it difficult to use at times, but you'll be fine if you use it right.
PMG Scavenger


In Depth Look: Deadshot Daiquiri

Deadshot Daiquiri is the new perk in Call of the Dead. The perk has several effects. Increased hipfire accuracy, increased aim assist, Aim down sights snaps right to the head, and snipers no longer have to be steadied when scoped. And this is all at the low cost of 1500 points! It seems like a great perk, until you realize it you only have four slots, and probably want to fill them with other perks such as Juggernog, Speed Cola, Phd Flopper, or Stamin-Up. Save this for a Random Perk Bottle.
Deadshot Daiquiri Real 1

In Depth Look: George A. Romero

George A. Romero is the new enemy type in Call of the Dead. He changes the game up. He doesn't spawn during a special round, instead he spawns at the start of a game, and follows the players for the rest. He moves slowly and can only attack if you get close. For the most part he's not a problem if you can just stay away from him. But if he hits your or gets caught in a crossfire, you may have a problem. The best way to deal with him is to run in a circle until you can bring him to a water source without getting trapped by zombies. He is interesting though, as his high health eliminates most camping strategies. When killed he drops a Death Machine and a Random Perk Bottle, which if taken enough, can give the player 7 perks.

George Romero Sledgehammer

Quick Look: Original Characters Trapped

the Easter egg for this map. Its interesting and easy to complete both solo and in co-op if you have patience. The reward at the end is a Wunderwaffe DG-2 in the form of a power-up, similar to death machine, which is pretty cool to say the least.

Final Verdict

Overall Call of the Dead comes out at a 9.3/10 on the scale. Its got its flaws, changes up the game, and is hard to get into. But is fun and rewarding if you can.

Score Tally

Weapon : 8.0

Enemy : 7.5

Perk : 7.0

Design : 9.5

Size : 9.75

Easter Egg: 8.0

Overall: 9.3

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