Oh boy. What can I say about Dead Ops arcade? I'm going to be perfectly honest, it's my least favorite Black Ops Zombie map, and for good reason too. But I'm going to try and not be too biased in this review. This review will also be different, instead of having In-Depth looks or Quick Looks like my other reviews, I'm just gonna review everything in one big paragraph. I have to review this to finish up the Black Ops Zombie maps, so lets jump right into Dead Ops Arcade.
DOA noclip


Dead Ops Arcade is the big "Dedicated Co-Op Campaign" we were promised way back before E3 2010. BAck then we thought we were getting a Spec Ops esque mission mode, and then later when we were told Co-Op and Zombies were one in the same, we thought we were getting a hefty amount of zombie maps for play (My impression was 8-10 maps). When Black Ops achievements were leaked we were shown achievements that referenced Zombies
mode, and achievements that referenced Dead Ops Arcade. Are thoughts spun with wild hopes and beliefs of how awesome Dead Ops could be. I can fairly say, we were all disappointed.

Dead Ops is accessed by breaking Mason out of the Main Menu torture chair, walking over to a nearby computer, and typing "D.O.A". The result brings you too a rather interesting 80's style loading screen, showing soldiers fighting and getting chased by zombies, which builds up expectations to an awesome zombie experience.

The first thing you notice is that everything in the game has been changed. You are now fighting from a top down perspective, using an M60 with a bottomless clip. Guns are picked up through power-ups and don't stay with you a very long time. Enemies come in massive hordes, but die in a couple shots, and new power-ups are plentiful. Every round ends with players getting to pick a route out of the current area, and locales switch between jungles, islands, temples, cities, etc. New enemies and hazards are introduced as the game goes on, and the game becomes all around tougher at the same time. You can play with three friends and fight through 40 levels of enemies, and then takedown the cosmic silverback.
All around, it's a pretty daring and creative level. So what makes it such a bad zombies level? It's not a zombies level. The survival element is completely removed, perks are non-existant, the Ray Gun is weak and bounces all over the place, the Monkey bomb attracts one or two zombies, there is no mystery box, the Teddy Bear actually HELPS you, no purchasable doors, no traps of any kind, no story, no interesting enemies, and I could go on and on and on. Dead Ops is marketed as a zombies map, but its not, it's Dead Ops Arcade, a failed attempt by Treyarch to create another hit mini game. We were promised a Co-Op campaign, this is not what we wanted.

In all honesty, I have had some good games on it. It's a fun time waster and easy to just mess around with while playing with friends. But it doesn't make up for this Black Sheep to the zombie name.

Final Verdict

3/10 it's got some interesting Ideas, but the main problem remains. This isn't zombies.

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