So today I am reviewing the Zombies map Kino Der Toten. I'll review al aspects of the map in the least biased way I can. So lets go to the theatre for my review of Kino Der Toten.

Kino Der toten Loading Screen


Kino der Toten, and it's sister map Five, were the two Zombie maps released at launch with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Kino instantly became the more popular of the two, averaging 90,000 - 100,000 players at a time. However, Kino wasn't always meant for Black Ops, it was originally designed to be in Call of Duty: World at War as a part of the cancelled Map Pack 4, which was rumored to have been coming out sometime in late September/early October 2009. Map Pack 4 was cancelled, due to how close the release date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was, Kino at this point became a scrapped project, until about 1 year later.
Kino Der Toten Zombies


Kino der Toten is set in a destroyed Nazi theatre somewhere along the Berlin wall. The map starts off with our heroes warping into the map from Der Riese, after time traveling about 20 years into the future. The map offers a wide variety of new Cold War era weapons, as well as a new Wonder Weapon, the Thundergun. Several old favorites from World at War also return, these being the MP40, Ray Gun, Monkey Bombs, and the Bowie Knife. Perk-A-Colas also return and are placed throughout the map. The Zombies and Hellhounds are back, aided by new Crawler Zombies, and new power-ups keep the game interesting. New Traps are also added, A fire pit and a sentry turret.


This maps greatest feature is its layout. The Map offers many places where leaving a door closed can create the perfect camping spot for those who wish to camp, but its circular design is perfect for those who choose to run. Its Pack-A-Punch machine is also placed high above the map in an inaccessible room, except via teleporter.

For the most part, Kino will feel like a larger, less grand and more straight forward, version of Der Riese. It isn't a very hard map, nor does it really have anything in it that advances the zombie story or peaks your interest, except for the thundergun. Overall, its an incredibly fun map to play, it just feels like its lacking new content, especially for a map in production for more than a year.

In-Depth Look: Thundergun

The Thundergun is the new Wonder Weapon in Kino Der Toten. The newest gun based wonder weapon we've seen since Shi No Numa, the Thundergun is special. It is unique in that it can deal with every zombie on the map at once, killing them or at least buying you time, but its small magazine and reserve Ammunition make it hard to manage. It is however, incredibly helpful in protecting, reviving, and covering teammates, and can be used to quickly get out of a corner after Zombies have backed you into it.
Thundergun 3rd Person BO


In-Depth Look: Crawler Zombies

The Crawler Zombies are the new enemy introduced with Kino Der Toten. They are disturbing to look at, their bodies and face warped until you can barley tell that they were once human. But looks can't help you succeed. The Crawler zombies, aren't difficult or annoying, just tedious. You must aim down at them to shoot them and keep your distance to avoid being damaged by an explosion or blinded by their gas. They are, however, weaker than most zombies, which is a plus.

Final Verdict

On the Scale, Kino gets an 8.75/10. It feels a bit like a repeat, and has some aspects that make it annoying or easy, but is overall a fun map.

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