Seeing as how its been released for PS3 and PC (Finally!), I feel its appropriate to review Moon . This review is based on my views and opinions, no one else's. So my fellow Earthicans, we take off on this day, and are headed straight for the Moon.

Zombies Moon BO


Moon is a very special zombie map from start to finish. You begin the battle in Area 51. At first it seems like the normal game, zombies are fairly weak, there are few of them, and there is not much panic. However, you will notice some strange things, such as the presence of the completely accessible Pack-A-Punch Machine and Juggernog/Speed Cola. The area also lacks windows and any type of openable door, which lets you know something is up. At the sound of an alarm, you are forced to run for a teleporter, as stronger and faster zombies, and now hellhounds, rush to try and kill you. You are then transported to the moon, where the game proceeds like normal, albeit now in low gravity.

The Level has some interesting additions. The P.E.S is a new piece of equipment. When equipped, the player will appear to be wearing a space suit and will be able to breath in oxygen-less areas. The Hacker is another piece of equipment. The P.E.S must be traded out for the hacker, but the hacker provides many benefits, such as inexpensive door opens, box re-rolls, and even a guaranteed max ammo. It also must be used to stop the excavators, large machines that remove oxygen from the base and block off paths around the base.

New Zombies include the Phaser Zombies, a mod of the Crawler Zombies, and The Astronaut Zombie. The two aren't frustrating or annoying, but are actually something you have to plan around as the strategy can change with them.

Moon is the biggest zombie map yet, but it won't feel that way. Unlike Call of the Dead, which featured multiple different paths and directions players can take to get all over the place, Moon feels like a corridor. You can go forward and backwards, and except for a few places with circling, the map is very straight forward. It is really easy to get stuck in a corner or between doorways.

The new Wonder Weapons are also some of the best, The Wave Gun acts like two seperate guns, and the Quantum Entanglement Device makes gameplay intense and unpredictable.

Overall, the Map is fun and entertaining, but has some issues.

In-Depth Look: Wave Gun

The Wave gun is the new wonder weapon in Moon. The weapon is capable of being two different weapons, complete with two different ammo caches. The Zap guns can be used for an assault and taking out individual zombies, while the Wave gun can be used to take out hordes and cover downed allies. When pack-a-punched the Ammo gets increased, making the weapon twice as effective.

In-Depth Look: Quantum Entanglement Device

The QEDs are unpredictable. They can cause a hole horde to disappear in a flash of light, or steal away all your ammo. They are hard to review because of this, but they make gameplay 100% more fun because each time they can do something different.
Q.E.D. Priming BO

In-Depth Look: Phaser Zombies

Nothing too special here. They are just like the normal crawlers, but can teleport unpredictably. There even more frustrating then they were before, but the larger space is good for this.

In-Depth Look: Astronaut Zombie

The astronaut is the new enemy type. They act like George Romero and Napalm Zombies. They follow the player and are essentially damage sponges. When they are killed, they explode and can kill zombies around them, as well as launch players in low gravity. Their big problem is how they attack. They grab players, and if the player isn't fast enough, they will teleport the player and take a random perk. This can be a hassle, especially on higher rounds.
Astronaut Zombie

On moon fighting Zombies

Quick Look: Richtofens Grand Scheme

The perfect Easter egg. Easy, 90 second death machines and 8 permanent perks for all players. Pure awesome. The atmosphere is awesome too, with Sammantha screaming, the Earth exploding, and Richtofen just being creepy, it actually brings some of the horror back to zombies.

Quick Look: Mule Kick

The new perk in Moon, is Mule Kick. This perk is something players have been asking for for awhile, allowing the player to carry three weapons. The perk makes ammo less of a hassle, and increases the number of weapons players are willing to experiment with. However, it comes at a deficit of 4000 points and loss of the third weapon when you go down.

Tick Offs

Some things on this map that just tick me off and don't really fit in the review.

.The opening and closing doors that prevent you from seeing anything behind them

.The breakable windows that remove oxygen from key areas

.The excavators that do the same

.Astronaut Zombie spawn locations, especially the one right where players arrive from Area 51

Final Verdict

If we wrap things up:

Size: 9.0/10

Wonder Weapons: 8.8/10

Enemies: 7.9/10

Design: 10/10

Easter Egg: 10/10

So I give Moon a 8.8/10, its one of the best, but it has some detracting issues.

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