So with Modern Warfare 3 so close, i'm trying to get the Zombies reviews done while they are still semi relevant, so i'll probably do two a week. Anyway, today I'm moving deep into the Jungle for my review of Shangri-La . This was suggested by Redskin-26, who you probably know for doing gun reviews, speaking of which check out his newest one Here. Anyway sit tight as we dive straight into the secrets of Paradise, Shangri-La.


Shangri-La was first mentioned in the Call of the Dead easter egg. It was called "Paradise" and was where the Original Characters were teleported to once the easter egg was finished. This, as well as several other clues, got fans thinking it would take place in a jungle, and so it did. Paradise did not live up to its name however.


Shangri-La takes place in an ancient (later revealed to be modern) temple in the middle of a jungle and the mines that are under it. Shangri-Las design is one of it's best features, it really makes you feel like your in an ancient temple. Plants are growing through stones, on walls, and through windows. Doors roll out of your way, gongs are placed in different sections, and traps are around every corner.

The "ancient" and "improvised" feel even extends to its wonder weapon and claymore. The new 31 - 79JGb215 features a statue as a part of the gun and the Spikemore adds a new twist to an old weapon.Its enemy types a visually interesting as well. The napalm zombie looks like a flaming hunk of lava walking towards you, the shrieker looks identifiably different from the normal zombie, and even zombie monkeys look decayed and zombie like. The gameplay however, is not what you would expect, the map is smaller than Call of the Dead, does not feature any alternate routes, does not feature multiple gun based wonder
weapons, or new perks.

Overall the map feels like a let down. Campers will find that there a re few places to cap her without trouble, while runners will find the singular possible route a hassle. The new weapon is cool, but nothing special, and the randomly spawning perks are a pain.

In-Depth Look: 31-79 JGb215

The 31-79 JGb215 is the new wonder weapon in Shangri-La. The design and use of the weapon make it similar to the Wunderwaffe DG-2, which will make many players happy. You shoot at a group of zombies, they shrink, and you run into them, simple as that. It also one of the highest reserve ammo counts for any wonder weapon, which only increases with a pack-a-punch. Their are some cons, shrinking is not permanent, does not prevent zombies from damaging you still has a low ammo count.
31-79 JGb215 BO Zombies

In-Depth Look: Napalm Zombie

Napalm Zombies are one of three new enemy types in Shangri-La. Napalm Zombies are a more refined version of George A. Romero. They walk slowly towards you and have a high health, but they attack by exploding and will usually cause the downing of only one player, rather than multiples. They can still be a pain though, as they are ususally walking towards you one way while a horde tails you from another direction. They are visually awesome, looking like a walking man of Lava.
Napalm Zombie BO

In-Depth Look: Shrieker Zombie

One of three types of new enemies is Shangri-La, Shriekers are fast moving zombies whose intent is to blind you. The will pop out of the ground and run towards the closest player, blurring his vision by screaming, To counteract this, he is noticeably week. And hs death will cause all nearby zombies to die as well.

Quick Look: Zombie Monkey

While at first these can be tedious and a hassle, if you learn how to avoid them and used their power0up randomizing strategically, you will be able to control any situation with them involved.

Quick Look: Eclipse Easter Egg

Shangri-La's oen easter egg, though the longest and most difficult, it is one of the most rewarding, giving you all seven perks for the remainder of the game.

Final Verdict

On the Scale, Shangri-La get a 7.5/10, its got some good designs and ideas, it just needs to learn how to pull those all together.

Quick Links:


31-79 JGb215

Napalm Zombie

Shrieker Zombie

Zombie Monkey

Please state your suggestions for the next map, makes this all easier thanks! Hope you enjoyed the review!

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