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  • Dan67


    March 21, 2013 by Dan67

    Okay so I was wondering which way does the news team go with Daily, weekly or monthly. I seen a couple of good topics such as how red orchestra is not the better game to call duty then Damac's blog was talking about why games would never change during the 21st century. Redskin put up a funny picture of Rick grimes talking to Carl along with setting up a poll about what will your next camo for your guns going to be (I might be wrong so not much to back this topic up). Finally S.s sergeant had a blog talking about his favorite Villian "Raul Mendez" where a drug lord turns into a messiah after surviving the blast from woods's grenade thus not killing him but it almost killed his daughter josefina, personally I arrested him at the end of the g…

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  • Dan67

    Codwiki: March 7th, 2013

    March 7, 2013 by Dan67

    Hello Call of duty community and its Teachers of the wiki, i been through a lot of bad stuff in my prime but heck who knows i want to know whats going on in our  little world of first person shooter. First off, i want to get this off my chest by saying what kind of caliber of gun does the Dragonfire Scorestreak shoot, does it shoot a 9mm, .45ACP, .308 what i can't understand what it shoot outs and i need you the people to tell me or even slap me in the face for asking stupid questions why not we lost all of our hard earned hype on the Black ops 2. Next up i want to say that i am sorry to the community that i been acting like i a selfish brat from time to time it's just I isolate myself and yeah it just makes me sound like a jerk by getting…

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  • Dan67

    Call of Duty 2013: Win or Fail?

    February 15, 2013 by Dan67

    Call of Duty 2013 confirmed by activision as the next Call of duty of this year. Call of duty 2013 you really think that we're just going to buy a game from a series that can't even fix its self and cannot even keep with the Lag compensation problem that's already been ignored since MW3 and presently the game Black ops 2. I'm not being rude or inappropriate here but I'm disappointed that a billion dollar gaming series fixes all the minor bugs but completely ignores the mistakes they made in previous call of duties, sure you can call me a Cod Hater but once you understand that they make these little innovations to help you forget the major problem with their map design, spawn settings and gun balance it's just pitiful, I just wish they clea…

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  • Dan67

    This is just a survey to see what kind of player are you in a Call of duty game

    [  ] You Run Head first into battle

    [  ]  You Prefer to Stay back a little to see what happens

    [  ] You like Outsmarting your Enemies

    [  ] Your Shy and prefer to attack from a distance

    [  ] Your Fearless and want to show your teammates that your a better player

    [  ] You play to have fun

    [  ] You like to sneak up on People when they least suspect it

    [  ] Your always Determined even if the enemy team is winning

    [  ] Your a Teamplayer that wants to help others

    [  ] Your a Sour loser when your Team is losing

    [  ] You Rage quit easily

    [  ] You never Rage quit Easily

    [  ] You like to get Payback for that one Embarassing Death

    [  ] You Show Mercy at the end of the game

    [  ] You Puni…

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  • Dan67

    What do you miss from the call of duty series and think how it could of been improved instead of what it is now? Call of duty 4 was a good game with all the open spaces and Nice Scenery that was made from the aftermath of the War to seeing a Massive AC-130 unleashing Hell on the Skyscrapers in MW2 to hiding inside the Cramped Houses on Resistance in MW3 finally bringing us now to Hip-firing Hunter Killers along with Zombies just getting Better and better by the Year. Please leave a comment or decide to Challenge this theory of what do you miss and tell us your view on Call of duty past and Present.

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