Call of Duty 2013 confirmed by activision as the next Call of duty of this year. Call of duty 2013 you really think that we're just going to buy a game from a series that can't even fix its self and cannot even keep with the Lag compensation problem that's already been ignored since MW3 and presently the game Black ops 2. I'm not being rude or inappropriate here but I'm disappointed that a billion dollar gaming series fixes all the minor bugs but completely ignores the mistakes they made in previous call of duties, sure you can call me a Cod Hater but once you understand that they make these little innovations to help you forget the major problem with their map design, spawn settings and gun balance it's just pitiful, I just wish they cleaned up their act so they won't drive this good first person shooter to hell. Please leave a comment or challenge this debate.

Cod tournament 2013
  • MW3: Not as Bad as Black ops 2 but not better
  • MW2: Something that was a lot of fun
  • COD4 MW1: The classic, 3 killstreaks and only a few perks nothing more and simple as that
  • WaW: Don't have full version,  so how was it?

Personal Rating system


  • 8:Action
  • 7:Story
  • 9:Multiplayer
  • 8:Special Ops
  • 7:Maps


  • 7:Action
  • 8:Story
  • 6:Multiplayer
  • 7:Survival
  • 3: Maps

Call of duty4 Modernwarfare:

  • 7:Story
  • 6:Action
  • 5:Multiplayer
  • 6:Maps

World at War:

  • ?:Story
  • ?:Multiplayer
  • ?:Action
  • 9:Maps

Call of duty: Finest Hour

  • 7.2:Story
  • None:Multiplayer
  • 6.9:Action

Call of duty 3

  • ?:Story
  • ?:Multiplayer
  • ?:Action

Call of Duty 2013 News header

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