Hello Call of duty community and its Teachers of the wiki, i been through a lot of bad stuff in my prime but heck who knows i want to know whats going on in our  little world of first person shooter. First off, i want to get this off my chest by saying what kind of caliber of gun does the Dragonfire Scorestreak shoot, does it shoot a 9mm, .45ACP, .308 what i can't understand what it shoot outs and i need you the people to tell me or even slap me in the face for asking stupid questions why not we lost all of our hard earned hype on the Black ops 2. Next up i want to say that i am sorry to the community that i been acting like i a selfish brat from time to time it's just I isolate myself and yeah it just makes me sound like a jerk by getting mad at everyone I see, but who knows I can be nice one minute then be some else you never met the second after something goes wrong for me. If you have a comment About it just type it down on your PC or iPad it will help me understand what I am doing wrong or doing right, remembering rules are easy but I end up breaking them due to stupid me not taking a chill pill and just focus on what I'm doing which is suppose to help of call of duty either by reporting vandalism or answering questions on Cod answers wiki.

Dragonfire Menu icon BOII

Little Pest >:/

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