Hi, i'm Dan67 and i'm here to tell you a story about our crazy days on MW3 with my Friends Zamari96 and Xraer. Heres how me and my buddies deal with MW3 everyday i hope you like it enjoy.

Part1:"got to Rank Up"

Zodiac5517: [me at the dashboard waiting for an invite]

Zamari96: "Hey buddy you want to play some MW3 with me?"

Zodiac5517: "yeah just send me a invite"

Zamari96: "okay then now where the **** is Xraer at, Dammit get on alreadly!?!"

Xraer: "You Doosh quit sending me Invites"

Zamari96: "well you didn't get my first invite so i had to get you another one Dum ****"

Xraer: "Alright i'm getting in MW3 so are we playing survival or Multiplayer!?!"

Zamari96: "Multiplayer what else do you think?, Zodiac can you invite him to the game!"

Zodiac5517: "I just send him a invite Zamari?"

Xraer: "Nevermind zodiac just invited me"

Zamari96: "well it doesn't take me that long to wait on your *** we got to rank up"

Zodiac5517: "Relax Zamari, we'll be able to do this lets just play the game alreadly"

Zamari96: "**** my connection is lagging ZODIAC you be the party leader"

Zodiac5517: "So what are we playing this time?"

Zamari96: "TDM!"

Zodiac5517: "okay then TDM it is as usual"

Zamari96: "I'm going to ass rape these kids"

Zodiac5517: "let's see ump check, blind eye pro check, stalker pro check ready to go"

Zamari96: "Pick bakkara"

Part 2 "Hackers everywhere" [To be continued on Monday]

Zamari96: "we're going to *** rape these kids"

Zodiac5517: "Yeah that's what you said yesterday and you began yelling Hacker!"

Zamari96: "well this time will be different then"

Xraer: "[odd silence]"

Zamari96: "WTF i shot him in the head!!"

Xraer: "Modded Controler"

Zamari96: "Shut up Xraer"

Xraer: "well sorry"

Zodiac5517: "don't worry i killed these two with the UMP45, so there just clueless as hell"

Zamari96: "WHOA!!! that Gay Noob spawn trapped me i'm Reporting him! >:0"

Zodiac5517: [Ignoring Zamari96]

Xraer: " wait what!?! i just shot that Guy"

Zamari96: "WTF >:0"

Zodiac5517: "don't worry i avenged you Zamari."

Xraer: "uhh Zamari they just called in a AC-130"

Zodiac5517:"I'll take care of it"

Zamari96: "Aww, you Gay piece of **** he Lag-switched me that's it guys we're backing out"

Zodiac5517: [silent]

Xraer:"awwwwww come on Zamari"

Part 3 "What Now" [need 10more comments to continue series]

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