Okay so I was wondering which way does the news team go with Daily, weekly or monthly. I seen a couple of good topics such as how red orchestra is not the better game to call duty then Damac's blog was talking about why games would never change during the 21st century. Redskin put up a funny picture of Rick grimes talking to Carl along with setting up a poll about what will your next camo for your guns going to be (I might be wrong so not much to back this topic up). Finally S.s sergeant had a blog talking about his favorite Villian "Raul Mendez" where a drug lord turns into a messiah after surviving the blast from woods's grenade thus not killing him but it almost killed his daughter josefina, personally I arrested him at the end of the game since it is kind of sad to let the father of fanatics loose the only thing that was precisious to him. I appear to be getting off topic here, I want to know if there will be any daily news on call of duty wiki some of them look the same to be honest so let us know when there is more news from the newsteam.

Redskin's blog:



What do you like to see out of the News Team?

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