The War is over or is it...Maybe maybe not yes the Wars are over but Wait it ain't over it's Oh no..OH NO IT's!!!


Justin Beaver: "Yes i am Justin Beaver and i will take over the World with my Dazzling Face and Music!"

Narrator: "GO TO HELL!!!"

Justin Beaver: "You Can't Stop me now mwa hahahaha (Cough) Being Evil is Hard"

Narrator: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Justin Beaver: "Baby baby baby oh baby baby oh"

Captain Price: "Stop right there!"

Frost: "Yeah Stop there 1 you suck 2 you suck 3 YOU SUCK!!"

Captain Price: "Jesus Christ!, Frost your going to make me deaf if you keep yelling like that!?!"

Frost: "sorry but look at him he's such a Fag and he's an evil Fag"

Captain Price: "yeah mate we know he's a Fag, but we got to Kill or arrest Justin Beaver"

Frost: "I vote on killing Justin Beaver who agrees"

Pvt Nich: "I DO!!"


Justin Beaver: (Fires Rainbow Beams from His Eyes) "Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan"

Pvt Nich:" he smoking"

Pvt Fresco: "My Guess is Weed"

Civilian: "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!!"

All: (Stops and looks at each other with silence)

Robert Bowling: "Seriously what's going on here guys, I thought i turned my Xbox off and you guys show up, Tearing my House Up with Fucking Laser beams and Bullets (sighs) i'm Going to need some new games to play"

Justin Beaver: (kills Robert Bowling with Rainbow beam Eyes) "me awesome Robert Sucks haha...haha {red eyes appear on his face}

All Army: "YOU KILLED Robert Bowling NOW YOU MUST DIE!!!!"

Justin beaver: [Pokerface] [sees a large gun in his Face] "Aww Hell NO!!!"

Captain Price: "For Robert Bowling the Master of COD!!!"

[Massive Blood Splatter covers Bowling's House]

Pvt Nich: "Why did he Kill Robert Bowling...WHY Him....WHY!!!"

Pvt Fresco: "THANK GOD YOU KILLED HIM OR OTHERWISE I WOULD'EV Killed Beaver myself for doing that Shit to poor Robert Bowling"

Robert Bowling: "FUCK Help me out i'm in Last stand here Guys!!"

Pvt Nich: "HE'S ALIVE!!"

Pvt Fresco: "Somebody revive him Dammit!!"

Captain Price: "Hey Robert Bowling i know what i'm doing and i Have to say one thing"

Robert Bowling: [Pokerface then looks at Price]"uh yeah?"

Captain Price: [Injects Morphine into Robert Bowling]

Robert Bowling: "Aww fuck!! that Stings and i thought Last Stand wasn't needed but i Lied to them at the MW3 convention"

Pvt Nich: "true he did lie about saying that there won't be no Last stand but he secretly likes using Last stand"

Robert Bowling: "True i Shouldn't lied to the Community like that Before Justin Beaver deciced to attack Poland"

Pvt Fresco: "Poland is retaken like 10seconds ago"

Robert Bowling: "That's Fast!?!"

The End

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