While in an ideal world we'd like to be able to take into consideration people's circumstances, it is far too easy to lie about one's circumstances in an attempt to circumvent the rules or gain attention. As such, illnesses, disabilities and other personal circumstances cannot be taken into consideration in the event of vandalism, UTP violations or other similar actions that would otherwise merit a ban.

This is a wiki guideline of call of duty wiki even though i follow this rule without any further complaints, but when i saw this guideline at of all others i thought to myself that this was "prematurely typed" In other words the admin or contributer hasn't give it any thought on how deep the insult would be to people who don't even try to be "special" but instead it accuses anybody who doesn't understand the main topic of the problem. For example i was just trying to make a Un-biased edit based on real time expericence in MW3, then all of a sudden i get tackled by almost every single admin telling me that my information was false without trying to properly avoid or handle the situation in any professional way, Luckily i loved the wiki too much to the point that i gaved up editing and remained on blogs and chats forced to obey a undemocratic law.

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