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    Booster Hunt

    July 21, 2011 by Dariogweg

    I was playing mw2 the other day. I was playing FFA and i was going quite well. However, there were two little british kids (stereotype, i know, but they had headsets, so i know) boosting. I lost that match and was pretty pissed about it.

    This inspired me to start hunting boosters. I've come along several boosters since.

    I really enjoy hearing them scream 'NO! I ALMOST HAD CHOPPER!' or something in that direction.

    Has anyone else ever had such an experience, where you encountered boosters and just hunted them several games? If so, do you have any tips for me to be more efficient at hunting them, cause they are pretty persistant and will keep boosting the entire game...

    My hunting class is:

    UMP silenced & RPG

    Marathon Pro

    Cold Blooded


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  • Dariogweg

    quickscoping...i dont like

    February 19, 2011 by Dariogweg

    hey guys,

    i know im gonna get some hate-comments but i dont care, im gonna say this anyway:

    I think that treyarc did a good job at removing quickscoping.


    because i have had many occasions where im on a killstreak (say 6 or 10) and i see a sniper. i close in to kill him, but then he turn around and quickscopes me! i mean like, come on! If it happens once its okay, i mean, respect that you can do that, but if it happen over, over and over again it becomes sooooo annoying.

    also i've had many situations where i get quickscoped in the back, which also sucks.

    before people start asking, i cannot quickscope, but i do try to sometimes, and sometimes it works (once had a 3 killstreak with quickscoping).

    i do think that in Combat Training and Private …

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  • Dariogweg

    Team Player Class

    January 27, 2011 by Dariogweg

    Alright, since a few days i've dedicated myself to teamplay (on MW2).

    The class i use for this:

    AUG HBAR w/ Grip

    M9 Tac Knife

    Smoke Grenade & Semtex

    Sleight of Hand Pro

    Hardline Pro

    Steady Aim Pro or SitRep




    Emergency Airdrop

    Any Suggestions on how to inprove this class?

    If you have a similar class please post it. i'm very curious about other people's classes.

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