• DarkMetroid567

    12 here, and the date today is 8 June 2012.

    Around 2 years ago, I came as a 10 year old anonymous user trying to find everything I could of Call of Duty: World at War's Nazi Zombies. I decided to make an account one year ago from today so I had an account to comment on News Blogs, with the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 making news daily.

    In one year, I've somehow made 5,182 contributions to this single Wiki, and I thank all of you. It's been a huge learning experience and all of you editors and chatters have taught me various things. A special thanks to KATANAGOD, Damac1214, Drkdragonz66, Diegox223, and PotatOS/W567123daniel for being awesome people, despite the wacky moments we've had together.

    Here's to Black Ops II and beyond. 21:26, June 8, …

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  • DarkMetroid567

    Here I was, bored in a dead IRC channel. By 5 minutes, I amused myself by telling Damac1214 if he were getting Call of Duty: Canterlot Warfare 3. He answered that he had already pre-ordered the Hooved Edition (OH YOU!) and I got an idea. I began spamming the channel with endless My Little Pony/Call of Duty names.

    I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be fun if other users on the Wiki tried to think of pony names?" So that's how this blog exists. This blog is only a test to see how users like this blog and if they will actually participate. If this is successful, have fun!

    Users must post their ideas of a My Little Pony/Call of Duty name in the comments section.

    • All names MUST relate to the singleplayer campaign missions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Wa…

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  • DarkMetroid567

    NOTICE: Since the comments have already been disabled, (I was expecting that) can't take you guys take a somewhat odd joke that seems serious? I made exaggerations here and there, but there was no need to say "I suck at zombies" if I hate the Ray Gun or if I like the CZ75 better than the Ray Gun. There was no need to diss my play style with the Ray Gun just because I don't hip fire with it. FYI I can get to AT LEAST Round 25 with a CZ75. This was intended to be a rage just to see your reactions, but I expected you guys to not take it seriously. I IS DISSAPOINT

    NOTICE 2: This does not count directly towards the WAW version, since I still use it on WAW.

    Time to hate on the casual gamer's most loved weapon. This is kind of a response to Sporkma…

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