NOTICE: Since the comments have already been disabled, (I was expecting that) can't take you guys take a somewhat odd joke that seems serious? I made exaggerations here and there, but there was no need to say "I suck at zombies" if I hate the Ray Gun or if I like the CZ75 better than the Ray Gun. There was no need to diss my play style with the Ray Gun just because I don't hip fire with it. FYI I can get to AT LEAST Round 25 with a CZ75. This was intended to be a rage just to see your reactions, but I expected you guys to not take it seriously. I IS DISSAPOINT

NOTICE 2: This does not count directly towards the WAW version, since I still use it on WAW.

Time to hate on the casual gamer's most loved weapon. This is kind of a response to Sporkmasta42's Why the Ray Gun is better than the Thundergun, but I just wanted to express how much I hate the Ray Gun. I thought it would be nice to make a blog post for the first time, so I wanted to make things special.

Here We Gooooooooooooooo!

  1. The Ray Gun's rate of fire is so slow I can watch an episode of My Little Pony before killing a zombie.
  2. The Ray Gun makes crawlers. Crawlers are the reason I die every game, I just can't see em.
  3. They should have made it Semi-Automatic, you could probably fire it faster that way due to the slow rate of fire.
  4. It fires so slow, people need to fire it more to be sure they killed the zombie. In other words, it wastes ammo.
  5. If I play online, I hear people get orgasms when they get the Ray Gun.
  6. If I play online, I get so hated when I get the Ray Gun not that I wanted it.
  7. The Ray Gun cannot be reload canceled. It annoys me when I think the magazines (batteries) are in, but then I still see 0 on the HUD as soon as I sprint.
  8. People use the Box that gives you a shitty weapon so much to get the Ray Gun, I can't use that shitty box to get a Galil.
  9. It's almost impossible to get Headshots, the Red Dot Sight/Holographic Sight on this thing is terrible and disruptive. The thing is, why get 50 points per kill when I can get 100?
  10. Automatic firing wastes ammo way too much. Some have asked why if it has a slow rate of fire? Because of the bullet's slow speed, you don't think you've killed the zombie yet.
  11. The only way I can use this gun is too get Double Tap, but I still waste ammo.
  12. People trade the Thundergun for this piece of shit, usually causing us to die.
  13. It takes two years for the Ray Gun to kill(reach) a zombie.
  14. People love this because it's a one-hit kill, but half of those people haven't gone past Round 11.
  15. This upgraded garbage is a waste of 5000 points, and is only effective for about 2 more rounds.
  16. People think they are so 1337 when they get the Ray Gun, so they don't teleport due to "the awesomest gun ever" and often get themselves killed, leaving the team up to me when I have no ammo. I'm not talking about them pack-a-punched which would counter step 15, but I mean they think they could just be safe on their own.
  17. I'd give up a Ray Gun for a CZ75 anyday. CZ75 pack-a-punched is just a million times, better.
  18. If I have a Ray Gun, people won't revive me because they are jealous.
  19. When they have a trillion points, they won't pack-a-punch because they think the gun is so 1337, often getting themselves killed, since, well, the Ray Gun sucks.
  20. I shouldn't have to go get nasty prune juice just so a gun doesn't kill me.
  21. The only possible way to use the Ray Gun is to hip-fire, which wastes ammo.

What can I say? The Ray Gun is garbage.

Commenting Disabled- Some users are getting a little mean and violating UTP. Personal Conqueror of all Zombies Ireland flagCoaZTalkPersonal Conqueror of all Zombies Ireland flag 00:59, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

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