• Dark Frager

    Nothing to do with COD but I thought I'd tell the people that don't know...

    No kidding seriously... He died in a plane crash, today morning, along with the whole party (PIS), and his wife. About 130 people died. I don't care really, infact I loled when I first heard of it in the news. (I am Polish)

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  • Dark Frager


    February 28, 2010 by Dark Frager

    Today I checked the leaderboards on MW2, and found out that it's mostly new people who have the highest accuracy. BUT, there was this guy on Tenth Prestige lvl70, who had a completely random number of hits, and ZERO misses.


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  • Dark Frager


    February 15, 2010 by Dark Frager

    The Tar-21 page has been vandalized by NoLife1986 i think that was his user name

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  • Dark Frager

    Hacked match

    December 21, 2009 by Dark Frager

    I joined a TD in Afghan.. as soon as the game started everyone started firing their grenade launchers in Full Auto, i checked my connection and it was Good, i took out my  "noob tube" and realized that i can fire in full auto aswell same went for launchers...

    Anyone knows how possibly could it get hacked? oh and BTW i play on a Xbox 360

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  • Dark Frager

    Nuke is Nothing

    December 19, 2009 by Dark Frager

    The Nuke... The most exciting KS in the game.... IW spoiled it.

    I mean infinity ward seriously it's a nuke not a bomb the enviroment is not affected at all

    and instead of flying in the air when we are nuked we just die like we've been killed by any ordinary SMG.

    As a result the nuke SUCKS!! we dont even get any extra xp.

    i want to know waht you think...

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