It seems a lot of people are having some issues with certain changes. Here's my take on them.

1. First and foremost, the CoD Wiki is a place for information related to the games. That means weapon stats, strategies and character bios, not trivia. Trivia is okay, but not when it turns into stuff like gun nerds jerking off over how inaccurate the gun is compared to its real life version and stuff you can clearly see on a gun, like model numbers/easter eggs. If you want to do that crap, you can compare the RL and in-game stuff yourself.

2. Blogs are fun, but if you base your entire existence here around them, then I think you're on the wrong site. We're here to make a good Call of Duty database, not be a place for you to get internet friends. Making friends while you're editing is fine, but if you come here just to make internet friends, then you've made a mistake.

3. This isn't a good place for things like relationships. Lets be honest; if you're on a wiki, you have socializing issues. Getting advice from people that also have socializing issues isn't a good idea.

4. The "MY FACE!" stuff is being blocked because of security issues. I don't want somebody's parents contacting the admins and asking us why we let little Billy put his face and real name on a website filled with strangers.

5. You guys really need to chill about this shit. I swear quite a few of you are acting like what happened yesterday was equal to killing your parents in front of you. It's a damn wiki.

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