fuck juggernauts ambushing you
fuck random jackasses getting lucky shots and taking you out
fuck high explosive. its impossible to beat unless you cheeze the hell out of the ai, and even then that's a stretch at times
fuck estate takedown's swarms of goons that'll shred you in a second if you dare step outside the mansion
fuck terminal's speedrun glitches not working on the pc version
fuck giving you the pansy ass intervention as your only anti-juggernaut weapon in snatch and grab
fuck juggernauts spawning behind you in snatch and grab. i nearly had the final area cleaned out in veteran mode when one of the spawned behind me and took me out before i even knew what was going on. thats cheap bullshit
fuck two-player only spec ops levels

im not even touching homeland security. like hell im going to get my ass bombed to hell by an enemy predator because i had the audacity to leave a building.

mp has nothing on the bullshit that is in Spec Ops solo mode

But, I still like it. Not as much as MP, but still. I'll probably complete all of the ones that have Juggernauts in them just to show the game who's boss, then I'll quit.

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