Storm: Good if the other team doesn't decide to camp the roofs ala Favela. Otherwise it gets irritating unless you have weapon that has FMJ to pierce the walls they're hiding behind.

Salvage: Hahahaha good luck trying to attack any objective in any gamemode that has objectives. this is camper heaven; tight corridors and lots of corners to hide behind in them. TDM only.

Bailout: Actually a fun map. Has nice mix or long and short range tho I think you need to go into long range areas a bit more often than I would like. Prob the second best map in the pack, behind Crash.

Crash: Feels empty without 20v20 teams, but is otherwise the classic Crash we all know and love.

Overgrown: Way better without large teams. With large ones, almost every spot was covered by a sniper/M16 user, making it a bitch to move to other places. With 6v6, you can actually move to another building without being blown away. Fun.

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