Okay, a lot of you know about the new policies, and discussions, this is a summary of my opinions on them, and what I think we should do:

  • Forum:Blogging Policy - I'm all for regulation, there are too many blogs about girls, and useless things, which are all b'aw fests. But some propositions are too strict, in my opinion, we should not halt blogging.
  • Forum:Projects - Essentially, I'm all for regulation, but some of the proposals are too much. I'm excited for Eight and Chia's project.
  • Call of Duty Wiki:Weapon rules - I see the need, neutral.

Your thoughts wikians? These are spread out a bit, so I figure we could have an informal discussion about it. Do you agree or disagree with them?

Keep it polite, no cursing, no attacks. Say useful things, don't go "WEEEEE" or "I LOVE COD". Thank you.

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