I've been thinking about Modern Warfare 3 lately and had some thoughts about the storyline. I believe it will center around American forces invading Russia. However what kind of story would it be without a plot twist? Obviously Captains John "Soap" MacTavish and John Price are the focus of the Modern Warfare series, but how will they play their roles? This is my speculative concept about what the story may be:

  • Player is James Ramirez invading Anatolia or the Caucasus area
  • 1B 75RR enters the region alongside US Marines, spearheading the southern-prong of the invasion.
  • Player is Soap MacTavish, recently recovered, with Nikolai and Price somewhere remote (likely in Europe, due to Nikolai's "place")
  • Price, MacTavish and Nikolai discuss possible plans-of-action, considering contacting the remnants of Task Force 141, or some of Price's SAS buddies.
  • Player is Ramirez or US Marine participating in invasion, pushing into the region near Georgia, fighting minimal resistance (explained by larger northern and Pacific prongs of the invasion).
  • Player's squad encounters Georgian troops and aid in fighting Russian forces.
  • Leader of Georgian troops identifies himself as Lieutenant Kamarov, player or CO contacts HQ, notifying them of Georgian allies.
  • Player is Soap, with Price, Nikolai and a few TF141 members (including Toad and Archer) are contacting other allies to eliminate Shadow Company (in order to remove any possible enemies) and Vladimir Makarov.
  • Soap, Price and allies fight Shadow Company in Afghanistan, also combatting local OpFor, encounter Afghani soldiers.
  • Player is US Marine in Siberia, US troops are advancing when ambushed by Ultranationalist troops. After capturing enemy outpost, hear communiques over Russian radios that some troops are still Loyalists and that the Second Russian Civil War is in-fact still being fought, with the Ultranationalist leader entrenched in Moscow. HQ orders player's squad to attempt to make contact with Loyalists.
  • Player is Soap, Price's group is approached by a suited man who identifies himself as a CIA agent. Price and Soap are initially alarmed until the agent reveals that they are aware of the truth, offering them a deal: the truth is released and they are given pardons, if they assassinate Makarov and other Ultranationalist leadership. Soap and Price begin searching for information, going after Shadow Company commanders to question them for information.
  • Player is US soldier on Northern Front (Poland) fighting Russian troops when suddenly a group of Russian troops in choppers open fire on the unit the US forces are combatting. A radio message in broken English says "We are Loyalist, help America, move up we cover", though the US troops are cautious until word is received of a new deal with the Loyalist remnant, and code-words are relayed, being confirmed. The combined troops receive orders to reinforce a Anglo-Saxon joint command unit near the Russian border and move up to provide aid.
  • Player is German soldier in Eastern Europe on the Western Front. The German government has signed with the Allies to suppress the Ultranationalists. As the German troops move through a city with other Allied units, there is a sudden explosion and a mushroom cloud forms. Player and surrounding units are killed, Red Cross and UN aid units from several nations are hit as well, more nations sign with Allies. Cutscene displays news report that China and several other communist nations have allied themselves with the Russian Ultrnationalist faction.
  • Player is Soap, TF141 airdrops into the Asian Steppe region, where Makarov is reportedly hiding. Player encounters mixed Russian and Chinese resistance and see smoke in the distance from US forces holding back the Chinese. TF141 clears several safe-houses before retrieving intel that Makarov is holed up in a fortified compound in Africa, while reports come that other leaders have taken troops and secured a section of Iceland. Price, Soap and Nikolai travel to Africa to kill Makarov, while the rest of the TF141 forces begin laying ground for an assault in Iceland.
  • Player is Ramirez outside Moscow, Allied troops, having swelled in number, have pushed back the Ultranationalists in Europe while most have fled to East Asia seeking aid from Chinese allies. Moscow already contested, Loyalists are victorious so Allied forces board helicopters to travel east, Hunter company is diverted to a small town where Ultranationalists have taken root. Foley and Dunn are injured during an ambush in the town. Aid arrives from Kamarov's forces.
  • Player is Soap, he, Price and Nikolai track Makarov to his fortified compound, infiltrate and kill guards only to find Makarov killed by two men wearing Shadow Company insignia. The men speak and Soap is about to ask if they are... when an explosion rocks the compound. Soap blacks out.
  • Cutscene: TF141 operative in Afghanistan cleaning up Site Hotel Bravo, another soldier holds up a document signed by Shepherd, transfer order, the name is not shown but the men are clearly shocked.
  • Player is US Marine on Eastern Front, Allies are assaulting a city in Mongolia where many Ultranationalists have bunkered down, besieged until Chinese aid arrives. As the Allies are about to storm the city a number of explosions rock the entire area, smoke is everywhere and troops are scattered, the city now in ruins. Radio crackles from HQ, "All units, this is Big Brother, our satellites tracked a dozen short-range nuclear missiles and dozens of aircraft seconds before several large explosions were reported, all units report, give me a sitrep, what is going on out there?", unidentified commander replies, "Sir, we don't know who it was but they hit everything, Ivan, us, even the Chinese...". Another voice inputs, "All units this is General _______ in Moscow, it seems not everyone is who they claim they are, a lot of the "Loyalists" are turning on us, we need immediate..." the transmission cuts out as a cutscene shows the fighting on all fronts before (at the end of credits) a Russian-accented voice can be heard saying "The Americans will pay for every one of those lives they have taken, the only way is to kill them all *static*"

Le Fin. What does you guys think? What are you ideas about the MW3 storyline? I'd love to hear :) --Good editing! Darthkenobi0(talk) 03:12, September 15, 2010 (UTC)

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