This is my first PMG contest.


 <group x="865.3" y="681.5" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1">
   <part id="ISight032B" x="0" y="3.9" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,444444"/>
   <part id="ISight032A" x="-4.55" y="-4.1" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,444444"/>
 <part id="RIS024" x="1065.15" y="706.45" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666,666666,444444"/>
 <part id="UReceiver003" x="913" y="706.8" rotation="0.0008697509765625" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,666666,666666"/>
 <part id="GasTube02" x="1114.3" y="697.8" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="e1e1e1"/>
 <part id="LReceiver001" x="908" y="737.45" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666,777777,666666"/>
 <part id="Bolt001" x="915.9" y="707.65" rotation="0" scale="1" flip="1,1" colors="666666"/>


To enter the contest, take the above coding, when you enter Pimp My Gun you click "File" choose "Import" and enter that coding. Take that, use it to create an effective, multi-roll 5.56 weapon.


  • Realism: 1-3 Realistic part placement
  • Styling: 1-2 Creativity
  • Long-range: 1 Made for LR capability
  • Close-Quarters: 1 CQC capable
  • Output: 1 Capable of "support" roles (magazine included not a factor for this)
  • Appeal: 1-2 Visual appeal and "looks"

Thanks guys, I hope I get as much participation as EightOhEight TimSim(talk) 09:49, June 22, 2010 (UTC)

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