• Dave Felter

    MW3 truck robbery

    November 7, 2011 by Dave Felter

    Yo Its me Snipinteddybear on my Facebook Account,But Read This!

    You have those people who really can not wait until the official release of a game. You can always shop orbeg him not to advance your wish to sell, but you can also just the games where the truck robberies in it! This happened today in France. With a collision, the robbers forced the truck to stop, then tear gas to be injected and run away with 400,000euros to Modern Warfare 3 games. That's 6000! Could they really not wait another day? Police are searching for the perpetrators, but they're probably nice playing at home. Like other Frenchplayers likely 6000. Source: Power Unlimited

    The Source is dutch So i Translate it Maybe there are some mistakes in here but you understand what I mean,

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