Okay, today I was playing at a bud's house on shi no numa right?

and I thought "hmm... maybe i can do a glitch by going into a corner or something."

BUT! then I happened to go in EVERY CORNER.

So I went to the box to get a gun right? and it says, "peter jump!" "no!" or something like that.

so we made the last zombie of the round, a crawler.

we go and check it out. So i'm like "i heard it over hear." he said "okay"

"i dont hear it." "You have to go crouch in every corner." "Wait, every corner in the room?or this entire level?"

"the entire level" "oh man..." So after we BOTH did it we heard it. After we got killed, I wrote down the message in the Peter page.

I will soon write the message on my page.Dbx25 23:03, March 14, 2010 (UTC)

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