Listen up Kiddies! I got some advice for you to survive your childhood.

(Results may vary.)

For kids 10 and under.

1.When you get a small drink at a eatery, and you want a large, your parents tell you to take

a drink of your drink and ask for refills, it's not gonna work.


  1. The waiters or waitresses dont come as much.
  2. It's not gonna get you a large, theyll just keep on giving you the small.
  3. They're gonna think you have a HUGE bladder.

2.When your parents tease you, make a witty comment.

3.Be careful when you need to find something right away, if you panic and search everywhere, you AREN'T gonna find it.

4.Speak up or say excuse me. You are not gonna be able to talk about what you want because people wont be able to hear you.

Tell me if it works! It did for me.Dbx25 16:54, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

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