I'm a bit out of sorts here, thinking about how its been five years since I started on this wiki is really strange. I'm not sure what should be said in these exactly, so I'll just note down my experience and opinion as of late about some of the events of my time around. For the first two years I don't really think I did much, but I started getting more engrossed in the wiki sometime in 2012 I believe. Everyone has that stage.

The stage

Every day you get on eagerly waiting to find things to edit, maybe chat with people, or check forums. I became pretty familiar with the chat from late 2011 on, got all MLP and stuff, but then got shown Mobile Suit Gundam 00 in February of 2012. That didn't really change that much here, though. 2012 kept on going and I got more and more engrossed in the chat. Over time, I became fixated on becoming a moderator, due to the fact that I'd seen incident after incident where I couldn't do anything. I actually began counting them. I admit, looking back, I was being a bit selfish, but I became a mod in March of 2013 (I think) and kept on trekking. Although 2013 was the year things began to slow down here, and it continued through 2014. I kept going and became an admin in January of 2014. After that, suddenly, I just, got stuck. The wiki's felt slow, users come and go, but mostly go. Chat's never filled anymore and I can't find the will to edit.

My current me

I suppose its normal for things like that to happen, though. I've lost my taste for games like Call of Duty. I loved Advanced Warfare's story, but couldn't get around to playing the MP. It was certainly good, but I realized I had to tell myself "You're going to play it". It was then I realized I couldn't enjoy the game anymore, and could never get my taste for engrossing myself in a wiki again.


But, I cannot help but open Wiki Activity every day. It's the first thing on my browser. This place became my hub, and I'm not ready to leave it. I still like the chat, despite how it's, well, the most blunt way to put it is degraded. It's a shell of its former glory, where we all fool around most of the time. Of course, there can be serious discussion and even high activity, but I can't get over the feeling that it's something that can't be brought back to high standing permanently.

I should say things about certain users, but I don't want to miss someone. I could just give my thoughts in comments, perhaps.

There are three users I want to comment about now, I'm not sure if I should just say it here or make a forum, but I think Ultimate94ninja, LazarouDave and RisingSun2013 should be on the news team ( template and everything). Those three still have the dedication and will to keep this place looking good.

I'll still stick around, but I guess that's all I really have to say. There's not that much story since I feel as though most of my story is in chat, or just in interactions with other users. Its what I remember this place the most for.

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