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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released!

Small tidbits of singleplayer information mentioned in the new Gameinformer cover.

  • The Game is set in 2052
  • You play as private Mitchell (voiced by Troy Baker, but only in cut-scenes, not in actual gameplay) who has *intentionally* generic background to fit in every role like jet fighter, submarine pilot and so on, and is the only character you play as
  • Mitchell is a friend of Will Irons, son of Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey), CEO of ATLAS
  • ATLAS is a private military group, admitted into the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) and have lots of resources, top notch weaponry and - of course - EXO suits
  • EXO suit is one of the key gameplay element, you can customize it and upgrade it throughout the story for points you will earn in missions
  • The game is really focused on story which is about big terrorist attack by KVA, a well funded worldwide terrorist organization, KVA soldiers will strike lots of cities in the world at one time.
  • San Francisco is one of these cities, and you will try to stop the terrorists from attacking the city. Later on you will move to Detroit and possibly to another cities.
  • Military technology used in the game is set on actual research or prototypes. *Everything was discussed by military professionals and/or scientists.
  • Apart from EXO suit you will use augmented reality in visor, grenade which can reveal position of enemies, magnetic gloves to climb a tall buildings or cloaking system for stealthy missions
  • The game use a brand new engine
  • X360/PS3 versions will be developed outside of Sledgehammer Games, developer is not yet revealed.

What do you think this could mean, telling from Jonathan Irons speech and international terrorists? Who is the real enemy?

Source: Gameinformer/

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