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  • DeltaOp

    My name, Sergeant Paul Curtis. This my story, as a soldier in SOG.

    I started out as a Devil Dog. My M14, and me. I was an outstanding sniper, and it helped that my dad taught me how to track animals when I was 9.

    I got promoted to Corporal after I took out an trench full of VC. They had Alpha Company pinned down, and the weather was bad. Air support was out of the

    question. I was called up and I set myself up on a little tree. Thank god it was day, or else they would have seen my muzzle flashes in an instant.

    23 kills. That was the report, I nailed 23 commies. That's when I got plucked.

    I was pretty damn scared. The SOG. Studies and Observations Group. This was stuff Greenies did in Laos and Cambodia. There were guys

    all over the services. There…

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