Firstly a thing that would improve black ops would be to introduce the Mp40 to the sub-machine class after you reach a certain level of prestige e.g. Prestige 5.

Secondly i think it would also be good to add the M1A1 Carbine to the assualt rifle class for many reasons 1. because theres only 2 single shot weapons in black ops. and two it would be intersting to have it introduced. also unlocked at a certain prestige, maybe 9 or 10.

I dont have any good ideas on LMG'S or Snipers but for LMG'S you could possibly have the MG42 or the Browning? and for Snipers you could have the Kar 98k?

I think this introductions of new guns at certain prestiges would give players something much more worthwhile to work towards instead of gun camos or clan tag colours as who cares?

what do people think of this idea? if you think its good and would improve black ops then please do tell people and hassle Treyarch to introduce it soon as possible in the next update.


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