I know alot of people who just like me think this killstreak is unblievable overused and nooby. its like a cheap predator missile!? i mean how can you have something that will almost definatly kill somebody at a 3 killstreak? or 2 with hardline?

yeah its fun to use i guess. but i never use them at all and i think it was stupid of Treyarch to introduce it.

im not saying take it out completly but maybe the RC-XD car should be airdropped? it would make sense as a soilder doesnt walk around with a RC Car and controller on his back :/ it doesnt make much sense.

having it airdropped would decrease the amount of people using it and would stop black ops being so frustrating as i dont know about you, but me its the only thing that does frustrate me.

what do people think?

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