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  • Dempsey141

    viet cong zombies

    March 1, 2010 by Dempsey141

    when world at war came out many people thought it was a let down compared to cod 4 but many still bought the game for the nazi zombies game. it spawned an entire cult almost because it was that popular so i was thinking since treyarch are making cod 7 in vietnam why not have viet cong zombies. i really want to go around with an m16 blasting the hell outta those "Freakbags" (line taken from my namesake) but they could do the game in two different ways

    1. take a more linear approach to it by perhaps instead of just having a survival round you have to complete tasks and try and complete missions or rescue civies. it would be good to perhaps have some of the characters return so i.e. Dempsey is perhaps your commanding officer but i suppose they wo…
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  • Dempsey141


    February 28, 2010 by Dempsey141

    i, like most guys, like explosions and blowing shit up which is why i love bad comapny so much. almost everything is destructible and makes a huge explosion but nothing on cod does just some cars every now and then. i got a nuke in skidrow the other day and nothing happened to the buildings, why not? it would be so much better visually and would make the nuke worth getting.

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  • Dempsey141

    packing heat?

    February 28, 2010 by Dempsey141

    here are the classes, killstreaks and attachments that i usually use. i want to find out what you use as well so comment below

    • custom class 1 or the LIL' DEVIL as i affectionatly call it

    primary weapon: M4A1 Carbine with red dot sight

    secondary: Spas-12 with FMJ

    perk 1: scavenger pro

    perk 2: stopping power pro

    perk 3: commando pro

    • Custom class 2 or FIREPOWER!!!

    primary weapon: UMP with red dot

    secondary: .44 magnum with taccy knife

    perk 1: marathon

    perk 2: lightweight

    perk 3: commando pro

    custom class 3 or l0ng$hot

    primary weapon: intervention with either FMJ or thermal

    secondary: stinger

    perk 1: scavenger pro

    perk 2: stopping power pro

    perk 3: commando pro

    custom class 4 or LIL' BEAST

    primary: ACR with red dot

    secondary: stinger

    perks are all of the above


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  • Dempsey141

    for those of you who have read my user page you will already know what i'm on about

    when price contacts makarov in the enemy of my enemy he uses the old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" makarov replies by saying "one day price, you will find that works both ways." this almost certainly means makarov will do a deal with the americans to team up and end the war whilst trying to blame the entire thing on the 141 and perhaps even general sheperd. since allen was part of the 141 they can blame the start on them and ultimatley the entire war. they will probably say that after the nuclear detonation in the unknow middle eastern capital in cod 4 that sheperd went insane plotting revenge which clouded his judgement and led him to make the…

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  • Dempsey141

    mw2's own amazing soldiers and were responsible for:

    1. finding alex the red

    2. escaping a favela with an army of pissed off brazillians on there tail

    3.leading the counter attack against the russians.

    4.detonating a nuke above washington saving the Americans (your welcome)

    5.attacking makarov's safehouse.

    6. there two commanding officers escaping an aircraft boneyard whilst being attacked by the russians and the Americans

    7.attacking a base full of shadow company arseholes and winning

    8.killing general sheperd

    9. forgot to add about infiltrating an entire base of russians

    but they also: owned by shadow company.

    2. got the shit kicked out of them on every mission and only just completed them.

    3 got beaten

    so wether or not there good is a tough que…

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