who is better "Soap" Mactavish or Captain Price?

"Soap" MacTavish:

  1. he looks like mr.T
  2. he is the main protagonist in the modern warfare series
  3. he wasted both zakaev and sheperd
  4. he saved roach in the most badass game moment ever
  5. he's so tough he maged to be caught in an explosion and still waste zakaev and then fall of a water fall, get smashed against a car, stabbed in the chest, then curbstomped, before having to pull the knife out of his chestand then throw it in sheperd face.
  6. he was also in another of the most badass gaming moments ever when he aced alejandro rojas.

captain price:

  1. he's too old to even be in the S.A.S. but still became a bloody god in the gaming world
  2. he belw the shit out of zakaev and then took on an entire army of ultranationalsits
  3. he led the S.A.S. force that wins the 6 day global war.
  4. he has a past that is mostly unknown but appears to have been very badass
  5. he's funny

there both pretty badass but all in all i think Mactavish is the better captain. he ran the pit in 18 seconds for god sake and made delta force look like retards (listen carefully to a conversation in S.S.D.D. and you will hear them talking about Soap) and he looks the part of the really hardcore elite soldier. go Soap

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