the enemy of my enemy

for those of you who have read my user page you will already know what i'm on about

when price contacts makarov in the enemy of my enemy he uses the old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" makarov replies by saying "one day price, you will find that works both ways." this almost certainly means makarov will do a deal with the americans to team up and end the war whilst trying to blame the entire thing on the 141 and perhaps even general sheperd. since allen was part of the 141 they can blame the start on them and ultimatley the entire war. they will probably say that after the nuclear detonation in the unknow middle eastern capital in cod 4 that sheperd went insane plotting revenge which clouded his judgement and led him to make the war happen.


the place nikolai mentions that may be safe could be where the remainder of the loyalists are fighting the ultranationalists from the sidelines. perhaps the remaider of the 141 will team up with the loyalists.

aerospace control

this is highly unlikely but it would be ace if it would happen. in the cutscene before second sun (i think) general sheperd is talking to the secdef in the american aerospace control centre in the colorado springs. it would make an ace last mission location. say that price gets captured as a gift to makarov when the deal to end the war is going down and soap and the PC with the 141 bust in there blow the place apart and save price. it's not very detailed but i haven't really got much to work with here

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