the one forty one

mw2's own amazing soldiers and were responsible for:

1. finding alex the red

2. escaping a favela with an army of pissed off brazillians on there tail

3.leading the counter attack against the russians.

4.detonating a nuke above washington saving the Americans (your welcome)

5.attacking makarov's safehouse.

6. there two commanding officers escaping an aircraft boneyard whilst being attacked by the russians and the Americans

7.attacking a base full of shadow company arseholes and winning

8.killing general sheperd

9. forgot to add about infiltrating an entire base of russians

but they also: owned by shadow company.

2. got the shit kicked out of them on every mission and only just completed them.

3 got beaten

so wether or not there good is a tough question. i personally say there ace but what do you think

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