when world at war came out many people thought it was a let down compared to cod 4 but many still bought the game for the nazi zombies game. it spawned an entire cult almost because it was that popular so i was thinking since treyarch are making cod 7 in vietnam why not have viet cong zombies. i really want to go around with an m16 blasting the hell outta those "Freakbags" (line taken from my namesake) but they could do the game in two different ways

  1. take a more linear approach to it by perhaps instead of just having a survival round you have to complete tasks and try and complete missions or rescue civies. it would be good to perhaps have some of the characters return so i.e. Dempsey is perhaps your commanding officer but i suppose they would have to make some plot up to say why everything went back to normal before the viet cong zombies came in to it. perhaps, because there seems to be a bit of time travelling going on when you cut down peter in SNN and perhaps the teleporters as well, they could perhaps have rewrite history
  1. just have the survival round again

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