• Dempsy115

    Wiki Independence?

    October 5, 2010 by Dempsy115

    Dear fellow wikians,

    This new layout is ugly. We need to start something...

    Thanks to the founder and Wikia (Long pause) this wiki was born. I myself am VERY patriotic about it. Wikia has gone one step too far.

    CHANGES THAT WILL AFFECT US GREATLY limited to four menus (which has been moved to the top)

    No site notice

    Due to changes, userboxes will no longer work.

    Editing space will be reduced to 40%

    Monaco will disappear

    Please note that if 60% of our editing space goes, Pages will just be removed by random.

    My idea is to try to gain wiki independence

    By doing this, we will gain our own independance, and wikia dosn't have a say in it (I think)

    Here is the link

    I need l…

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  • Dempsy115

    Pure epicness

    September 18, 2010 by Dempsy115

    Hello wikians,

    What is your most epic moment in call of duty? I remember once that i was on Downpour, and i was running with bullets sparying around me. I shot at the helicopter with a desert eagle i picked up (Nice way to say i stole it) I promise nobody layed a finger on it, and with 7 shots from a deagle, it went down.

    What i want you to do is tell me about your most epic, or exciting moment in call of duty.

    Dempsy115, Out.

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  • Dempsy115

    Dr.Maxis mystery

    August 20, 2010 by Dempsy115


    Ok, maybe maxis was killed by a Hellhound, but call me out a wee minute.

    If you listen carefully at the end of the message (Before his assistant says goodbye) IT sounds like gunfire, although if you had listened to other messages, to me it actually sounds like a teleporter going...

    My theory is that dr maxis did not die by a hellhound, but instead he was desparet to escape, he made it out on a teleporter, but then he ex- Well, i better not go into detail of the gorey stuff but, uhhhh you know what i mean.

    Also, the sound the teleporter makes (When it is getting ready to teleport) Is the same noise heard here...

    It might also explain why hellhounds spawn when you teleport.

    What do you think?


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  • Dempsy115


    August 15, 2010 by Dempsy115

    Since i read a recent blog post, i would wish to put foward an idea to uddate the policys, by adding in a section on not to post porn or stuff like that.

    What do you guys, think?

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  • Dempsy115

    What do you Most like to see in black ops.

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