Dear fellow wikians,

This new layout is ugly. We need to start something...

Thanks to the founder and Wikia (Long pause) this wiki was born. I myself am VERY patriotic about it. Wikia has gone one step too far.

CHANGES THAT WILL AFFECT US GREATLY limited to four menus (which has been moved to the top)

No site notice

Due to changes, userboxes will no longer work.

Editing space will be reduced to 40%

Monaco will disappear

Please note that if 60% of our editing space goes, Pages will just be removed by random.

My idea is to try to gain wiki independence

By doing this, we will gain our own independance, and wikia dosn't have a say in it (I think)

Here is the link

I need lots of people to help me on this journey. I am not going to decide what happens next. Your response... may change the wiki for the good or the bad. You can take your anger out in the comments,but remember to say if you support me or not. The above link even mentions monaco! But remember this message 'You Are Not Alone. Many wikis have become independant.

The Fate Of The Call Of Duty Wiki is in your hands now. We can either break from wikia totally, so they can't have a say in our wiki. Or stay with wikia, and get our site downgraded.

The future..... Of the wiki... Lies with you now.

From Dempsy115

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