Every Monday from now on, I will display a rap song that I will be making for 7 days. This is inspired by when Peter Griffen Boy (Or known as PGB) posted a rap on his blog and when I started the COD Wiki Rappers Club! Comment on the raps!

Monday 31 May 2010, "This is War" (DJ Devil feat. Gruesome Griever and 50 Bord)

Yo, I gotta statement to make. (DJ Devil)

If you don't listen, your back will break.

There are a lot of terrorists out in this world.

Making Afghanistan and Iraq very whirled.

Al-Qaeda will not even stop killing everyone.

Their leader, Bin Laden, is just a someone.

USA and UK are on the trail to catch this baddie.

So Bin Laden just goes running to his daddy.

This is War.

This is War.

This is War.

This is War and we're invading the land. (Gruesome Griever)

From the jets and tanks onto the sand.

Taking down the enemy in the bases and camps.

Giving us medals and awards, making us champs.

Over in Iraq, Hussein was a wimp.

Instead of going underground, he should have rented a blimp.

With weapons like the AK-47 on their hands.

They won't stop to make a last stand.

This is War.

This is War.

This is War.

This is War and we're responding from attacks. (50 Bord)

Spraying bullets around with many targets tracked.

The Middle East empire is still going on.

Before you know it, everything will be gone.

Mumbai was a terror everyone couldn't control.

But lucky we didn't get a parole.

Well evil has taken a control of this hell hole.

World domination is their giant goal.

This is War.

This is War.

This is War.

This is War and we're winning the wars. (All three)

Destroying homes and busting down doors.

Is this all for a reason?

No, the words are "This is War!".

Comment on the rap and tell me what I should improve or any other tips.

(P.S., If Bord or Griever are offended in any way possible about the names of the rappers then I'll change them)

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