Chris Sledgehammer, New York City, June 15, 2016

I was sitting in the local diner, sipping my cup of coffee. On the TV, I was watching something when it suddenly went static. "Attention citizens of USA, Russia has invaded the country! This is no joke of any kind, this is the real thing! Pack everything you need and report to your nearest security station. The Armed Forces are on their way to fight the invaders and defend our soil!" Suddenly, everyone around me paniced and ran away, abandoning their drinks and meals, leaving me alone, shocked. When I went outside, I saw Russian helicopters and planes destroying everything in their path. Then I was grabbed by a strange man in black holding a pistol to my head. ""GET OFF OF ME!" I screamed. So I retaliated and punched the man repeatedly in the face and had blood coming on my hand and face. When he was knocked out, I looked at his patch and saw a...Russian patch. It was my first kill ever and took his weapon, an AK-47. I walked silently through the streets when I heard a loud voice behind me. Suddenly, a tank crashed in front of me and I sprinted, dodging its machine-guns and its blaster. Then I found a lone grenade and picked it up. I dodged the tank and went behind it, planting the grenade on it. Soon, I jumped off and hid behind a trash can and saw the tank blow up and collapse into a building, destroying it. I then saw many civilians running towards me but then a jet unleashed its cluster bombs and killed them all. I dived for cover and got severly injured in the process. On my face, there was blood, dirt and shrapnel. There was a serious pain in my back, meaning I couldn't move. Then a man with a US Soldier uniform, wearing 4 stars, approached and helped me up. "My name is General Roger McCalister, I am a General of the U.S. Army Rangers. Are you OK?" He asked. "Well, I have a pain in my back" I replied. So McCalister pulled out a Medic kit and fixed my back. "So, what now Sir?" I asked. "We move out!" McCalister answered.

Michael Grant, Los Angeles, June 16, 2016

I didn't believe it. LA had been destroyed one day after the invasion, lamposts bent over, cars turned over and buildings collapsed. My home was destroyed in the chaos so I took cover in the Chinese Theatre until I heard nothing. Once inside, I hid behind the ticket desk in cover. Suddenly, the doorway was blocked by falling debris! "How am I getting out?" I thought to myself. Then I found a rifle lying around on the floor. I learned when young how to shoot a rifle because I was hunting. So I picked it up and found a block in the collapsed debris and fired there. Suddenly, everything fell and I ran outside to join up the rest of the citizens. But they were all running somewhere. So I ran to them and asked one "What's happening?". "We're joining up for the Los Angeles Resistance, the US Army are going East so that means we're on our own" He said. We all then went to our nearest security outpost to be trained. We were all assigned to throw grenades, fire bullets and reload. Soon we heard a broadcast on a TV. "Attention citizens, New York City has been captured by the Russians and they're destroying the city real bad. So the LA Resistance and the U.S. Army Rangers will be sent to New York to battle them" The man said. So we all packed our stuff together and went into a Humvee, driving off for the Battle of New York City.

Kevin Mitchell, Miami, June 18, 2016

Most of the citizens had escaped to Miami International Airport, with news saying that it wouldn't be attacked. I was on a flight boarding to London, desperate to escape my home from being destroyed. Then on the flight, I sat down and relaxed. "Attention passengers, we have a trace of a Russian missile on the way to our flight!" I paniced and covered myself while everyone around me ran. Soon the missile exploded the plane and I freefalled down to the ocean ina sudden splash. Suddenly, I saw a bright light above me and I swam up to the light. Then I climbed into a boat and grabbed a M1919 Machine-Gun. "What's happening?" I said. "The Russians are attacking us, we have to fight back!" So I went on the bipod and started firing on the hull of a Russian Battleship and saw it blow up quickly because I had hit a fuel engine! When the threat went away, we steered bak to Miami as heroes. "Thank you for defending the country!" The General said.

Louis Thompson, Washington D.C., June 21, 2016

I was hiding in the National Mall because Russians were on their way to finish off citizens. I saw heavy armoured tanks crush and rumble past the Mall, getting me time to escape. I went to the surface and saw an orange/black pitched sky and many buildings and monuments had been damaged or destroyed by the invaders. I walked through a road when I saw someone going past very fast. He was on a motorcycle and then knocked me over. I was very hurt and them decided to knock him off. When he came back, I punched him in the head and I got on the motorcycle. Suddenly, I discovered that this man was the Russian commander's second-in command. So, I sped away quickly while he was chasing me on his own motorcycle. I grinded his vehicle and then saw him go off a bridge into a river. I continued to a city and suddenly I realised this city was...New York City.

John Robinson, Florida, June 22, 2016

One week after the invasion, things were going bad. Citizens were being hunted down, national monuments being destroyed and casualties rising. The only safe place to hide was Disneyland with a couple of other people. "Hey, who are you?" I said. "My name is President Barack Obama!" Oh my God. I had just met the President of the United States... "Why are you here?" I asked him. "Russians destroyed the White House, so I decided to run here" Obama said. "We need to work together" I said. The secret was I used to fight in Afghanistan many years ago so I still had a little fight in me. I grabbed an M9 pistol from the ground and gave Obama a plan. "Right, get that ACR" I said. And he picked it up. "GO!" I screamed. We then stromed through Disneyland, shooting at many Russians who had found us. I then picked up an RPG from the ground and fired at a Russian helicopter. Suddenly it destroyed one of the rides, which collapsed into jeeps and soldiers, killing lots. Then, we found a lone Humvee and drove off in it. We broke out of Disneyland and chased many jeeps. Obama then grinded a Russian BTR-80 and suddenly saw it turn over its side. We then escaped onto a desert for a pit stop.

Chris Sledgehammer, New York, June 23, 2016

I gave the General a nickname, "Mac". We were heading towards the Empire State Building with the US Army Rangers in a jeep. Suddenly an RPG hit the jeep and we all fell out. "CHRIS, GET UP!" Mac shouted. We all got up and headed towards the building. I entered an elevator and heard noises coming from the building. Suddenly the elevator opened up and someone threw a grenade at the power lines. Then the elevator turned on its side and a hatch above me opened. I got up, climbed the ladder in time and rejoined the squad. Outside I saw a jet nearing the building but then it crashed through the building, setting fire to everything. We then fought up to the last floor when suddenly a Russian with a sword stabbed me and Mac. There was a severe pain in my stomach, which had just missed my heart. Someone helped me up and patched us. We got to the top and put signal flares on the top. So then, a Black Hawk came and evacuated us to join up the other forces in the city.

Mark Smith, Arizona, June 24, 2016

I heard rumours of a Russian nuclear bomb heading towards Arizona so I escpaed to the greatest monument in the whole state, The Grand Canyon. I hid there for a while until I saw many soldiers coming, Russians... Suddenly, I saw a mushroom cloud rise in the air and saw many buildings collapse into the ground. Soon, the US Army Rangers arrived and did battle with the Russians. I was handed an M4A1 Grenade Launcher from someone and kept firing at the enemies position. Then, we fired lots of artillery missiles towards the battered Russians and saw them retreat towards the city. We won this battle, but there were more to come...

Chapter 8 will be wrote on Monday. Remember, this story is from perspectives of civilians, not soldiers.

Your thoughts on all of the Chapters!

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