Recently, PGB has created a blog about your own MW2 rap! I have done one and if you are interested in joining my Rappers club, comment below. In your comment, submit your rap if you've already commented in that blog however if you haven't commented, make your own rap up.


Here is my rap:

This is my awesome MW2 rap

Sitting on my lap is a fat kitty cat

Blowing shit up on my M240

Get kicked and killed at the age of 40

With my .50 Cal I'll make you have a limp

Then everyone will call you a little wimp

Shooting with Soap in the mountains of Cliffhanger

Escaping on my snowmobile exploding a big banger

Chasing through the Favela hunting down the enemy

After that I get awarded an Emmy

Shooting down Hinds with my RPG

Rustle and hustle noobs with my M16

Absorbing lots and lots of radiation

I feel sad for my great nation

So here is my word about multiplayer

You might be a player or you might be a hater

Signleplayer is full of shit and confusing

However it is also very amusing

Watching Price and Shepherd fight until they die

I pick up a knife and throw it into his rotting eye

Going to the boneyard and wondering where's Makarov?

Or is it really Comissionar Markhov?

Slicing and dicing with my Tactical Knife

Realising I have got just one whole life

Every player has a very grand plan

To camp and snipe on the map Afghan

So take my advice please

And don't catch the very bad disease

Of being a very bad noob

Launching over Highrise a gigantic tube

I'm gonna give you a little spook

By launching my gigantic Tactical Nuke

The countdown starting from a timer in the map

More faster than a hobo having a nap

While I'm making my little dough

It is destroyed by a big Pave Low

Back at Washington D.C., something weird's going on

An EMP is launched at the crack of dawn.

Infinity Ward is going to have a bad sue

For what they've done to Modern Warfare 2!

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