I went on a website just now and have heard that there were scrapped multiplayer gamemodes. And a lot too! But also weapons were scrapped for the final version. Go on MW2 24/7 and you can see it all on that website!! The game modes include:

  • Free-For-All Pro
  • Domination Pro
  • Team Deathmatch Pro
  • Search and Destroy Pro
  • "Defcon" Arena
  • "Defcon" Arms Race
  • "Defcon" Capture the Flag
  • "Defcon" Demolition
  • "Defcon" Domination
  • "Defcon" Free-For-All
  • "Defcon" Global Thermonuclear War
  • "Defcon" Headquarters
  • "Defcon" One Flag
  • "Defcon" Sabotage
  • "Defcon" Search and Destroy
  • "Defcon" Team Deathmatch
  • "Defcon" 1
  • "Defcon" 2
  • "Defcon" 3
  • "Defcon" 4
  • "Defcon" 5
  • Die Hard Arena
  • Die Hard Arms Race
  • Die Hard Capture the Fag
  • Die Hard Demolition
  • Die Hard Domination
  • Die Hard Free-For-All
  • Die Hard Global Thermonuclear War
  • Die Hard Headquarters
  • Die Hard One Flag
  • Die Hard Sabotage
  • Die Hard Search and Destroy
  • Die Hard Team Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Hardcore Arms Race
  • Tactical Arms Race
  • Tactical Capture the Flag
  • Tactical Demolition
  • Tactical Domination
  • Tactical Free-For-All
  • Tactical Global Thermonuclear War
  • Tactical Headquarters
  • Tactical One Flag
  • Tactical Sabotage
  • Tactical Search and Destroy
  • Tactical Team Deatchmatch
  • 3rd Person Arms Race

The Weapons include some from COD4.

  • R700
  • G3
  • G36
  • M40
  • A Power Drill!
  • MP5
  • MP44

People say that some of these hidden gamemodes could be introduced in the new DLC. Do you think they should or should they stay hidden from the MW2 players?

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