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The Black Devil

Here's another one of the stories posted on blogs. Here's my squad: (My choices)

  • DevilWarrior112 - General
  • Maj.Gage - Colonel
  • Doc.Richtofen - Major
  • Peter Griffen Boy - Commander
  • Callofduty4 - Field Marshal
  • EightOhEight - Captain
  • SaintofLosAngelesXD(m) - Lieutenant General
  • Gman111
  • DjuNgleB
  • Webbjr

If you want to join, put it in brackets. I'll start us off.

"DevilWarrior112, Callofduty4 and SaintofLosAngelesXD(m) uncover a plot for Brazilian terrorists to assassinate the Prime Minister of Britain in Parliment at 4:30PM. They gear up but suddenly...".

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